It Starts With Pre-Approval

Finding out the possibilities of your future properties with a click of a button. Now with a process that is smarter, simpler, and faster, you can see what types of loans you can use to buy your next dream home. Start right away by applying online, or meet with Marla Y. Sabater to answer all of your questions.

Understand The Process

This simple application process was designed by Novus with their digital technology. Our goal through this partnership with Novus Mortgage is to make this process for our clients as easy as possible. To get further information and have any of your questions answered, schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with our office.

Get Pre-Approved

This is how you demonstrate to the seller that you can finance your new home.

Find Your Dream Home And Make An Offer

Your realtor will put together your options and next steps of making an offer.

Inspection And Appraisal

Getting an inspection, and then a market evaluation, ensures that you are getting the best deal possible.

Final Mortgage Approval

Submit all final documents digitally to get approval and continue to the last step of the process.

Close On Your New Home

Finally, your representative will prepare the last documents for you to sign and become a new homeowner!